1000 GL EKO

The FALK 1000 GL EKO panel is a robust roof panel with an ammonia resistant aluminum foil interior and high-quality PRI foam core.

Product Detail

The FALK 1000 GL EKO panel is a robust roof panel with a high-quality PRI insulation core. The panel can be stacked both positive (standard) and interleaved. The panel is supplied with a seamed side lap and double sealing: both the inside and the outside. The inside is provided with a white aluminium foil, which is resistant to ammonia.


  • From 4 degrees roof pitch
  • Also available in EKO B version
  • Ammonia resistant foil inside
  • Coating guarantee up to 30 years
  • Optional alternative steel thicknesses and coatings available


Core Thickness
Total height
(W/m2. K)
(h.ft2.OF/BTU. in)
31 mm 71 mm 0.46 12.33 7.2
43 mm 83 mm 0.37 15.17 7.6
60 mm 100 mm 0.29 19.77 8.3

(*) Based upon an external sheet thickness of 0.5 mm.


Cover Width1000 mm
C.t.c. Crowns167 mm
Profile Height40 mm
Core Thickness31, 43 and 60 mm
Core MaterialPolisocyanurate insulation
EndlapAvailable with or without endlap
Direction of LayAvailable left and right

External: HPS 200 ULTRA*
Internal: Aluminum foil standard white (RAL 9002)

*Optional alternative steel thicknesses and coatings available.

ColoursAccording to our colour chart
Minimum Length2500 mm (shorter on request)
Maximum Length11938 mm
Light PanelsAvailable in same thickness and profile