Insulated Metal Panel Solutions

Who We Are

The FALK team has vast experience in the world of metal roof and wall cladding. Our orginization is efficient and flexible to ensure that all your requirements are fully addressed and that the end results meet your expectations.  

What We Do

By working closely with a network of renowned suppliers, the quality and durability of our panels and profiles is guaranteed. This ensures a product that will stand the test of time. As FALK also supplies fasteners, flashings and other accessories, we are able to provide a complete package at one location. 

Why We Do

We know a shift is coming. A shift in thinking. A shift in building. A shift toward building a better building. Better materials; better methods; more responsible; more sustainable. We are excited to be not only part of this shift but a driving force by providing a superior product that will meet these new needs. 

Embrace Change

We are not going to be satisfied with the status quo. We endeavour to keep moving forward always searching for ways to improve what we do and who we are.

Glass is Always Half Full

Be positive. Be happy. We want every relationship and interaction to be a positive one. From partners and suppliers, to contractors and customers, if we maintain an open honest relationship everyone wins!

True Quality

We will strive to have top quality maintained in everything we do. We provide only high quality products, with the highest level of workmanship.

Integrity Means Something

We will act using high moral principles and professional standards. Everyone will be treated with respect at all times. Integrity means doing what is right even if it is difficult.